Tkacuk | Berlini Drink #3 Whiskey Sour – Contemplate drink
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Berlini Drink #3 Whiskey Sour – Contemplate drink

Whenever we had problems or were feeling down, we went to a bar at Skalitzerstrasse, Kreuzberg and contemplated our situation over a Whiskey Sour. We get by with a little help from our friends (and WS). The third and last Berlini Drink is Whiskey Sour, the contemplate drink. Here is a #howto make it.

During autumn 2014 and spring 2015, Berlin was our hometown: Where we lived, partied, created,played and fought. When we drank, we drank 3 drinks: Mimosa to celebrate, Moscow Mule to get ready, Whiskey Sour to contemplate. These are the Berlini Drinks.



Berlini Drinks is the first single from Tkacuk’s second upcoming album.
It’s out on streaming services on the 15 February

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